Consider these: Toyota Camry vs. the Volkswagen Jetta - which do you prefer?

Toyota Camry vs Volkswagen Jetta Comparison

Shopping for a sedan in this tricky used car market? Typical options can be harder to find, but some still remain affordable options for commuters and family purposes. Comparing the Toyota Camry to the Volkswagen Jetta is an agreeable comparison, but which is the better option for you? Group Wholesale Inc. is here to make the entire shopping experience easy with two great choices to compare.

When looking at the Toyota Camry and the Volkswagen Jetta, there are a couple of obvious similarities:

  • Both are sedans
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Both available in automatic and manual transmission
  • Excellent fuel economy

Speaking of fuel economy, the Volkswagen Jetta is more efficient in both city and highway settings, with 30 MPG and 40 MPG respectively. The Toyota Camry is no sluff however, with a respectable 27 MPG city and 38 MPG highway - making each a solid choice for commuting purposes. Fuel efficiency isn't the only question to answer, as each does carry some specific differences:

Toyota Camry

  • Inline 4 cylinder 2.5L engine

Volkswagen Jetta

  • Inline 4 cylinder 1.4L engine

Each vehicle carries specific styling cues that set each apart from one another, both even offering a solid driving experience with a host of safety features.